Making exceptional dental treatment affordable

At Paul Lowe Dentistry we want to make first class dental care as affordable as possible. You may either “pay as you go” or join our Membership Plan which, for £13.39 per month, covers two examinations, including small x-rays, two hygienist appointments and gives a discount on treatments.

We also believe in making our fees perfectly clear – so you will never have an unpleasant surprise when it comes to the cost of your treatment.

To give you a general idea of costs we have provided a list of charges for some of our services and treatments. These are for guidance only (as from 1st November 2016).

Standard fee
Member’s fee
New Patient Examination
Routine Oral Examination
Small x-rays
First 2
Next 2
Next 2 (max.14)

£12 each
£6 each
£5 each

Digital Panoramic x-ray
Periodontal maintenance with Dental Hygienist (30 minutes)
FREE (2 per year)
Periodontal Therapy (Hygienist)
Direct Silver (Amalgam) Restorations
Small from 
Medium from 
Large from 


Direct Tooth Coloured Restorations
Small from
Medium from
Large from


Indirect Restorations
Crowns from
Shade taking by technician
Veneers from
Bridge (per unit) from


Root Canal Therapy (from)
Front tooth
Back tooth
Disposable instruments


Surgical from


Dental Implants
Planning (single unit)
Implant placement (1 implant + cover screw or healing abutment)
Subsequent implants placed at the same visit
Restoration (per unit)

On quotation

On quotation
Bone grafting
On quotation
On quotation
Full dentures from
Partial dentures (plastic)
Partial dentures (metal) from


Temporary (immediate) dentures
On quotation
On quotation
Dental Plan Membership
£13.39 per month