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Worst foods for your teeth this Christmas

Trying to stay relatively healthy this Christmas? It’s useful to have a bit of knowledge about the foods that might keep you back….   Red wine We all know that red wine
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Make your dental hygiene and health a priority in 2017

It’s almost the end of another year, and maybe you’re thinking about what kind of changes you can make going into 2017.     Here are a few advice pointers going into
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Our Christmas and New Year opening hours

Treat yourself to a brighter smile this Christmas

Treat yourself or someone you love to a beautiful smile this holiday season with our fantastic special offer for the VOCO Perfect Bleach Tray Whitening system and take advantage of our fantastic
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Gum disease and pregnancy

Many women are not aware that their chances of developing gum disease increase during pregnancy, though some women are more susceptible than others depending on their hormone levels.   A further change during
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The history of dentistry – facts and stats

It’s no secret that the field of dentistry can be somewhat dry for the layman…! But some of the facts and stats below are pretty fascinating…. Learn more about their history of
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Smile makeover at Paul Lowe

A smile makeover encompasses several different cosmetic treatments including: Teeth whitening. Veneers Orthodontic treatment. Crowns/bridges/dentures. Dental Implants. Teeth whitening is a bespoke process that changes the colour and shade of a patent’s
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Paul Lowe – Worst foods for your teeth

There are some foods that you should enjoy in moderation as they are a danger to your teeth overtime, increasing your chances of cavities and tooth decay. Take a look at the
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The best foods for your teeth

Certain foods trigger the creation of saliva in the mouth – these foods are usually pretty good for your oral health. Although some of the foods on our list contain natural sugars,
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Flossing – essential for healthy teeth

Only half of us here in the UK floss once a day, which is the bare minimum for maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine. Failing to floss regularly increases your chances of
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