Sharing teeth whitening tips to impress your wedding guests in Solihull

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Do you want to sparkle in those pictures and videos? Why not share teeth whitening tips to impress your wedding guests in Solihull? If the answer is yes then sharing teeth whitening tips to impress your wedding guests can make a huge difference when looking back at those memories on one of the best days of your life.

Maybe you have overindulged in red wine, cigarettes and coffee to help keep you awake when planning that dream day and making sure all the arrangements are running smoothly. As a result of all this plus celebrating and enjoying that unforgettable hen night you have neglected to look after those pearly whites causing you to go into a hot sweat and sudden panic when thinking of how those photos and DVD’s will look like.

Here are some tips that you can share with your bridesmaids and guests on how their smile can look its best:

Whitening kit

You can purchase these kits from online shops like Amazon, however, the safest way to purchase a home whitening kit is to visit your dentist where they can advise you on the best options available to you and can even make up teeth whitening trays for you which you can take home and use at your leisure surrounded by your home comforts.

Use whitening toothpaste

A recent survey by “Health Which?” claims that the Janina Opale Whitening toothpaste was the most effective product to get rid of those yellow stains with a massive 53 per cent of the vote. While Macleans Whitening toothpaste, which is accredited by the British Dental Association, got one of the better scores but only managed 37 per cent.

Visit your dentist for a professional teeth whitening session

This is probably the safest and best option. By having your teeth whitened by a professional will give you that Hollywood smile you have always dreamed about. Here at the Paul Lowe Dentistry in Solihull we can provide you with two options on tooth-whitening systems. The length of time can range from one week to one month depending on how much whitening you need. This procedure is known for whitening the teeth from four to seven shades whiter.

Invest in Whitening strips

If you are on a tight budget or if you have just had your teeth professionally whitened and want to keep those pearls shining you might benefit from using some low cost, whitening strips which are easy to use. Most kits come with two sets of strips. One set is for your upper teeth and the other set is for your lower teeth. Usually you have to put them on twice a day for an average of two weeks.

These strips deliver quick results and you should see the benefits of whiter teeth within a few days of using the strips and the results should last for at least four months.

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