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UK Vending machines to improve nutrition services

Vending machines in the workplace could be reinvented with healthier options following a lot of news coverage this month about them being loaded foods and drinks with high amounts of sugar. The
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How to protect yourself from Dental sporting emergencies

Dental sporting injuries to the mouth, teeth and gums are becoming more and more common in the UK with dentists claiming that the number of patients needing weekend emergency appointments is on
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How to make your teeth look whiter for a Solihull Wedding

Every bride wants to look her best on her special day. Your teeth can look whiter by choosing a lip colour to suit your dress and skin tone will that will leave
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National Smile Month historical facts

The National Smile Month campaign is part of the British Dental Health association’s plan to educate people on the important of Oral health.Here are some interesting historical facts that you should be
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