Growing smiles: Early peals

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As parents, it is natural to worry about our children’s health, a quick glance at parenting forums will reveal the day-to-day concerns of UK parents, from fussy eaters to non-sleepers, school places and peer issues, millions of you log in to share your family dilemmas and concerns with others and search for some much needed advice.

Paul Lowe is committed to supporting you as a family and over the next few news articles we want to take you on a journey through the evolution of children’s teeth, from teething babies to the tooth fairy and check-ups to teen braces. Here you can find some information, support and guidance, as well as discover the role we can play in ensuring your children smile with confidence.

Natal teeth

Did you know that some babies are born with teeth? Old wives tales used to say this was lucky, and a child born with a pearl or two would never be poor. Known as pre or natal teeth these are said to occur in every 2000 to 3000 births and are in fact unrelated to a child’s first set of milk teeth. These teeth often have minimal root structure and will need checking by a healthcare professional as soon as they are spotted. A health visitor or midwife will outline options for removal. The removal is often a necessity as they have the potential to cause injury, interfere with nursing or run the risk of inhalation.  One mother we spoke to explained how her little boy was born with a tiny tooth.

‘Harry was born with a tiny tooth peeking through’ Healthcare professionals kept a close eye on it in case it was a natal tooth but ‘at two months it went back down…. oddly enough’ Jo says ‘his teeth took the longest to appear of all four of my boys’

Teething problems

One of the top things searched for on Google is ‘why is my baby crying’. Without a manual to guide or a translator to explain, mothers and fathers are often left guessing when it comes to their little ones ailments. It’s no wonder that, aside from colic and hunger many parents ask, ‘is my child teething’?

At around six months of age you may notice your child’s first tooth just peeking out from the gum. Some signs that indicate teething include:
– Excess dribbling
– Irritability
– Slight raise in temperature
– Nappy rash
Always check in with your health visitor if you’re unsure but get ready to see that first pearly smile.

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