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6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Braces Clean

Whether you are an adult or a child undergoing orthodontic treatment, keeping up a good dental hygiene routine with braces is crucial to attaining the perfect smile you deserve. By ensuring that
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4 Ways that Orthodontic Treatment Can Impact and Benefit Your Life

The first thing you will notice when you complete your orthodontic treatment is that it will be hard to resist showing off your beautiful new smile to the world. For most people,
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Dental Glossary – for dummies!

Ever wondered what is going on when you visit the dentist? What are the appliances that they’re using to poke around in your mouth and what are they for? What are the
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What can I do if I have Halitosis (bad breath)

  What is Halitosis? It’s the scientific definition of bad breath. It can affect your lifestyle and your self-confidence as well as your health. It’s important to identify the cause of Halitosis
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Helpful Tips for Brace-Wearers

Just had a brace fitted? Top tips for your braces journey… Don’t fret if you feel some mild itching In and around your teeth – this is normal, but if you feel
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