Dr Iain Roe goes back to school

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Dr Iain Roe at Monkspath Junior and Infant School

When Iain Roe was asked to visit Monkspath Junior & Infant School in Solihull recently he jumped at the chance

Iain, together with dental nurse Mia Gartland, visited the school on 2nd July to talk to the children about the importance of maintaining healthy mouths and preventing dental problems by caring for their teeth in the right way and by healthy eating.

Iain said: “The reason I wanted to do this was because of the problems I see with children’s teeth. Despite Monkspath being a relatively affluent area, dental decay in children is still an issue and I felt it was important to get the message across to the children that this is an entirely preventable condition.”

Iain continued: “Talking to them about good oral hygiene early can help them to avoid issues later in life. We wanted to teach them all about dental care in a fun and interactive way.”

Sarah Kendall who helped organise the event said: “We took along children’s toothpaste samples, balloons, stickers and certificates to hand out to the children afterwards. We were delighted at how welcoming and receptive the staff at Monkspath School were to the message we were putting across and everyone did a fantastic job. It was such fun and the children all enjoyed the day”.

Sarah Kendall organising the ‘Goody Bags’ and samples for the school children

“Iain and Mia had a fantastic time talking to the children at the school, which is located next to the Practice. It was rewarding to see the little ones contributing enthusiastically to discussions about how to brush their teeth.”

Iain added: “Tooth decay is an issue for many children and unfortunately this is often due to consuming the wrong food and drink and not following a regular oral health routine at home. Recent studies have also shown that many children don’t visit the dentist from an early age, resulting in tooth decay and anxiety around dental visits in the future. We hope that by speaking to children now we will help them to learn the best way to take care of their teeth and gums for the rest of their lives.”


Iain’s top tips to help children look after their teeth:

  1. Brush teeth for two minutes twice a day, before breakfast and last thing at night, with a suitable strength fluoride toothpaste
  2. Try to avoid snacking on sugary foods in-between meals
  3. Visit a dentist regularly, as often as your dental team recommends


To learn more about how to look after your family’s teeth or find out about Denplan and the scheme we offer for children – call the team at Paul Lowe Dentistry on 0121 711 2424