Where to go for Teeth Whitening in Solihull

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Restorative-inset-1Teeth whitening is a popular dental treatment these days and can make a significant difference to how you feel about your teeth and your smile.  Not only can whiter teeth make your smile look great but it can bring about a healthier, more youthful appearance – and who wouldn’t be thrilled with that!

Stains can develop on teeth for all sorts of reasons – dark foods like blackberries and drinks like coffee and red wine can all have an impact, as can lifestyle factors like smoking and even some medications are believed to contribute to teeth staining.

Here are the facts that you need to know if you’re considering this treatment:

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a treatment administered by a professional dentist to leave you with whiter, brighter looking teeth.

How does it work?

Teeth Whitening aims to strip away the layer of staining that clings to the tooth enamel and leave you with more natural looking, whiter teeth.

First the dentist will make you a specially customised mouth-guard to fit your mouth, then he or she will then administer a whitening gel and cover with the mouth-guard. Then, depending on the type of whitening being carried out, the dentist will either activate the whitening gel using a special laser or will instructing you how to carry out the procedure yourself for further repetitions at home.

Who is it suitable for?

Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective dental procedure and like most dental procedures is suitable for the majority of people who are in good general health. If you want to check that you are suitable for this treatment, please consult your dentist.

Who should carry out teeth whitening?

Although you can buy teeth whitening kits to use at home we recommend that you only carry out this practice with the help of a dental professional.

Some beauty salons will also offer this procedure, although it is illegal for them to carry out the treatment if there is no dental professional present.

Does teeth whitening work on false teeth, fillings or crowns?

No, teeth whitening will not work on anything except for natural tooth enamel. If the colour of your false teeth are a problem please speak to your dentist about this.


Teeth whitening can give excellent results and improve the overall appearance of your teeth greatly. If you would like to know more about teeth whitening please visit our website for further information.

Alternatively if you would like to book yourself in for an appointment or to speak with one of our team about this or any of our other treatments, you can get in touch with us here.