Patient Portal Information

Information about the Patient Portal

Use of the Patient Portal allows us to collect the required information from our patients prior to their arrival as opposed to filling in forms in the practice. 

Data from the Portal is only stored on our practice software which meets all General Data Protection regulations. A copy of our privacy policy can be viewed on our website.

Data is processed and hosted on the Portal at AWS in Dublin.

Transfers are secured by https/ssl encryption.

Your individual data cannot be accessed by any party including the host without a “Unique ID” provided by us the Practice – as The Data Controller. Patients have the right to object to processing and can request that the information previously retained for the patient’s convenience to view be removed. This is detailed in section 9 of the privacy policy that is visible to the patient. The patient would need to be removed from our Practice reminders system to ensure they do not have data processed on the portal again.

A patient record would only ever be accessed on our instruction typically to arrange an erasure of this as detailed in section 9 of the Patient Portal Privacy Policy.

You are required to agree to terms of use when you first log into the Portal (they are not Terms and Conditions). This is for Transparency so you are aware of Software of Excellence’s (SOE) role as a data processor. Their Privacy Policy (accessible on their website, link below) and the Practice privacy policy is referred to in these terms. SOE process data on instruction by us the data processor as a contracted sub-processor. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy detail the information that could be requested.

The Medical History is required to deliver dental care which is essential to deliver safe healthcare – the data subject is not obliged to answer questions and they can be left blank.

The oral health survey –This form is optional and not compulsory to answer but is important for the patient to have a comprehensive examination.

The terms that apply to the patient using the Portal are detailed by: