6 Tips to Help Children Overcome Fear of Dentists

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Familt-Dentistry-homeIs your child afraid of the dentist? Read out top tips to help children overcome their fear and develop a good relationship with visiting the dentist:

1. Start young

Familiarity with the dentist will help your children to relax so make sure you take them from an early age. You can begin as soon as the first tooth is visible, though most parents will wait until there are a few before visiting! But honestly, the sooner you do it the more comfortable they will be.

2. Choose a child-friendly dentist

Pick a dentist who is not only child –friendly but is genuinely good with children. Additional props such as a projector that projects images over the ceiling are really useful and if the dentist gives away stickers… you’re sure to be in there!

3. Lead by example

Book yourself a dental appointment in the week or days leading up to theirs. If your children see you coming home pleased about your trip they will be keen to find out where they can have a fun experience like you!

4. Make it into a game

If you can familiarise your children with the sorts of things that they may encounter at the dentist before you go, the actual visit should feel like child’s-play. Take it in turns being the dental receptionist and the patient, and then at being the dentist and the patient. Your children will learn about what sort of things they’ll experience and also they can get used to keeping their mouth open for a while.

5. Keep It Simple

Although it is a good idea that your children have an idea of what to expect it’s not necessary to add too much detail. If you’re just going for a check-up for example, it’s best not to explain about fillings, as there’s no point in them worrying about something that they may not need.

6. Give them a treat

A small toy, a sticker or a colouring book make excellent treat for dental visits. Alternatively you could reward your child with something that they like to do – i.e a special trip the park, or a visit to a favourite café. Try to avoid sweets and chocolates though, as these will simply undo the good work that the dentist has just done.

How often do you take your children for check-ups? If you struggle with this because they are afraid, don’t worry, you’re not alone – there are options to help. If you would like to discuss this further or to book and appointment today, contact our team who will be only too happy to assist.