Scared of the Dentist? – We Can Help

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NervousAre you afraid of the dentist? If the answer is yes – you are not alone. Many children and adults suffer from a phobia of visiting the dentist. Of course your dental health is important, so if you would like help with overcoming this read on to hear our strategies for getting over the fear.

Pick a dental practice that you trust

For any dental patient it is important to choose a dental practice that you feel you can trust. For a nervous patient it is even more important. Ask friends or relatives for recommendations and make sure you check out the dentist’s website, testimonials and reviews before you call. You can even visit a practice to see if you like the atmosphere before you book an appointment.

Be honest about your fears

If you are nervous it is important to be honest with yourself and with the dentist and practice staff. Are you afraid of the dental implements? Are you afraid of the pain that treatment may cause? Or are there other underlying reasons for your nervousness? The better you know what is going on the more the dentist will be able to put your mind at ease.

Come early

Some patients find that coming early in the day, early in the week, or even early in the month helps them to feel less nervous. If you arrive after a busy day at work or a stressful activity you will find it harder to stay relaxed about your check-up. Whatever puts your mind at rest and allows you to relax before your appointment is a positive.

Ask for support

Perhaps this means bringing a friend or family member along with you to your appointment or perhaps this means talking over your fears with someone you trust. Whatever support looks like for you, make sure you don’t try to tackle your fear on your own.

Take it in stages

If going for a check-up is fine for you but the thought of subsequent dental treatment terrifies you, take it in stages. Tell your dentist you will need some time to think it over before you come back and use the time to get informed about the treatment. Knowing what to expect can change a stressful situation into one that feels manageable.


Are you a nervous dental patient? Has your fear stopped you from getting dental treatment in the past? We are experienced with dealing with nervous patients and will be happy to help. Please get in touch with a member of our team if you would like to know more.