What We Know About Decay Detection In Solihull

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smileWhy to catch decay early…

There was a time when patients would only visit the dentist if they were in severe pain with toothache or if they suffered a noticeable dental issue such as having a tooth fall out. Nowadays though things are a little different, as people become more informed and realise that there is no need to wait so long to take care of your teeth.

What are the early stages of tooth decay like?

In its early stages tooth decay will be so minor that it will not yet cause pain and this is exactly the stage that you want to catch it at. At this point it has not escalated and will not have reached the core of the tooth, giving you a better chance of saving the tooth and passing through the procedure of getting it filled with minimal disturbance. When cavities are small they are also less expensive to treat and can usually be treated effectively and painlessly.

How do you detect decay at this early stage?

Here at Paul Lowe Dentistry we use magnification and powerful lighting to help detect decay when it first begins. In the earliest stages of tooth decay may not even be visible on the exterior of the tooth, so we use x-rays to check for damage which cannot yet be seen above the surface. All of our x-ray equipment is digital meaning that you will be exposed to the lowest dose of radiation possible.

What sort of treatment will I require if you find decay?

Usually cavities can be treated with a simple filling. You will be given the choice of a white filling or an amalgam filling and we will then proceed accordingly. A local anaesthetic is usually administered to make the process pain-free and comfortable for you and the filling should be possible to complete in a short dental appointment (usually around 20 minutes).

How long with the filling last?

If cared for well fillings will last for a number of years. Make sure that you clean your teeth regularly and also book regular dental check-ups to make sure that they are still in place and that there is no decay developing anywhere else.

So is it about time that you got your teeth checked for the early signs of decay? Do you usually wait until you have pain to call the dentist? Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today and get yourself booked in to take care of your teeth.