Keeping your teeth shining in Solihull this summer

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It’s now midsummer and with many of us enjoying the recent long spell of sunshine most of us are more worried about severe sunburn than keeping our teeth shining this summer in Solihull.

Like any other season, you may be surprised to hear that even summer has its own set of dental health concerns.

You can prevent tooth damage by reviewing some of the top seasonal dental health issues and how you can prepare for them.

  • Before diving into the Swimming pool this summer make sure you go to a proper pool that is cleaned by a professional as pools with improper chemical levels can result in stained, eroded and sensitive teeth.
  • If you have sensitive teeth you might find yourself avoiding ice creams, cool drinks and ice pops due to the pain you might suffer by consuming these. The problem is usually due to exposed dentin, the tissue that makes up the core of each tooth. When enamel wears down too much, the dentin becomes vulnerable to things like temperature changes. Visiting your dentist can help because they can recommend treatment, possibly including desensitizing toothpaste or an in-office application of protective sealants so you no longer have to worry about treating yourself to an ice cream.
  • When you’re lying on the beach, in a park or even just sitting out in your garden or walking along the high street in your lunch hour don’t forget to protect yourself with sunscreen.It’s the sun rays that give your sunburn not the sun. Many people forget that the skin on our lips is so thin that they are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of melanin, it’s extremely important to shield our lips from the sun as prolonged exposure could lead to forms of mouth cancer. Always make sure that you wear lip balm to protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays. Prevention is as easy as applying (and reapplying) lip balm that contains SPF when you’re outside. You can purchase SPF lip balm from you local supermarkets or chemists such as Boots or Tesco.
  • When the sun comes up it can be tempting to order or make some fancy summer fruit cocktails or fizzy alcoholic drinks. Be careful when consuming these as you may be surprised that regular consumption of these can result in tooth decay and erosion.