Low in sugar summer drinks

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Most of us already know how bad sugar sweetened beverages like soda and energy drinks are for our teeth and our health which is why we need to cut out those sugar and calorie filled fizzy drinks in favour of low in sugar summer drinks.

When it’s hot we need to keep up our liquid consumption to avoid dehydration, it’s important to keep drink choices healthy and plentiful, but also enticing.

But when plain old water gets a little tasteless, there are other options to help quench that thirstiness.

Here are a few easy, delicious frosty bevies to reach for instead of a soda:

Infused Water

Why not try a calorie-free water with a hint of anything from cucumber to lemon to blueberry this is just as easy (and less expensive) to make at home.

All you need to do is cut up your favourite fruit or vegetable and leave in a pitcher of water for at around three hours. You can also add herbs like mint or rosemary to add extra flavour to the punch.

Iced Tea

Iced treat is an easy way to control the terms of your tea caffeinated varieties like black, green and white tea make nice, strong iced teas but herbal options also abound for those of you who care to stay caffeine-free.

Just brew a strong tea, if you like your drinks sweet, add a hint of honey. Leave in the refrigerator until cool and then pour over ice. Or try out Citrus iced tea.

Flavored Seltzer

Flavored seltzer is another low in sugar summer drink which helps to stave off cravings for the sweeter stuff. Although they are low-calorie and caffeine-free, they are full of flavours like raspberry, lemon-lime or black cherry and are just as refreshing.

Fresh Juice

Unlike bottled varieties, freshly juiced fruits and vegetables have no added sugar. By selecting the ingredients and investing in a juicer you can also control sugar portions by tempering sweet fruits like mangoes, grapes and melons with low-sugar, high-fibre fare such as kale, celery and lettuce.