Back to school dental tips for parents in Solihull

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The summer holidays are almost over and it’s nearly time for the children to go back to school.




With shopping for new uniforms, shoes and stationery all on the agenda, it’s easy to overlook the less common back-to-school customs such as paying attention to your child’s dental health.

Make time to add those to-dos to your list to ensure your child maintains his or her healthy smile throughout the new school year by following these dental tips:

Book a visit to the dentist

It can be difficult during term time to fit in that all important dental appointments, especially if your child is a fan of after school sports activities and other clubs and hobbies. Dentists recommend two visits a year for kids so now would be the perfect time to book an appointment after a summer of sugary treats.

Make sure your child brushes their teeth correctly

On school days it can sometimes be a mad rush trying to get out the door in the mornings and we are all guilty at times of failing to brush our teeth for the recommended 2 minutes with some of us forgetting to brush them at all. Brushing before school should be integrated into every child’s morning routine, preferably after breakfast so your child arrives at school with a fresh and clean mouth.

A hurried and improper brushing style may lead to dental problems like cavities and toothaches. So remember to introduce your child to a proper brushing, flossing and using a mouth wash routine.

Brush up some healthy pack lunch ideas

When shopping for your child’s packed lunch make sure that they have a balanced diet. Consider leaving out things like sweets, biscuits and chocolate and fizzy drinks and replace them with meats, fruits and sugar-free drinks and snacks.

Next week’s blog post will include some healthy lunch box options for your children to try.