Halloween dental tips for parents in Solihull

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Halloween is an exciting time of year for children, as they look forward to dressing up in spooky costumes, listening to horror tales and eating ghostly treats.

With lots of candy on offer during the month of October and recent press coverage claiming that many children in the UK are being hospitalised for tooth decay, with dentist claiming that the main reason for youngsters needing hospital treatment being due to fruit juice and fizzy drinks.

Here are some Halloween dental tips for parents in Solihull on how to prevent a dental horror story.

  • Limit your child’s sugary Halloween treats

Just because your children get candy on Halloween, this shouldn’t mean that they reach for the cupboards and binge on the sweets bag on Halloween night.  Give them one or two treats a day or every other day. Try giving your children a treat after their meal as during a meal your mouth produces more saliva to help wash away food and neutralize plaque acid. This may not happen if you eat the candy as a snack.

  • Brush up on your oral health education

Encourage regular brushing and help your child if they are struggling to clean their teeth. If you are unsure, why not ask your dentist to help with this. Good brushing habits can help save your child’s teeth and help them avoid the dental drill. The earlier you start, the less scary it will be! Don’t forget to brush twice a day, ideally after breakfast and after your evening meal just before you go to bed.  Try flossing daily and using a fluoride mouthwash this will help further protect your teeth.

  • Make sure your children drink plenty of water after eating candy

Drinking water after consuming food helps to re-neutralise the mouth, but it doesn’t get the sticky stuff out of the tops of the teeth and from between them. If you can’t floss or brush right after your meal then many dentists recommend swishing with water as this will definitely lessen the chances of getting cavities.

 If you haven’t visited the dentist for a while now might be the ideal time to book that appointment.