Patients in Solihull can enjoy a teeth whitening Christmas

teeth whitening 1

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? There might not be much chance of seeing any white snow drops fall during the festive season but you can show off your pearly white teeth by taking advantage of our special teeth whitening Christmas offer at £199.

The offer includes full mouth teeth whitening trays using a custom made system. Your whitening trays should last a long time provided you look after them properly, so you can top up your whitening whenever you feel the need for your smiles to be a little brighter, this means you are investing in a long term treatment, not just a one off.

When your teeth become stained it can affect both your appearance and confidence. Those cups of tea, coffee and red wine can lift the colour from your tooth surface leaving them looking a yellowish colour. Tooth whitening is a great way of putting that white sparkle back into your teeth as well as helping to bring back the shine in so you not only amazing but also feel more confident when posing for those Christmas and New Year photos. Within days your teeth can be transformed to make them look whiter, helping to build a bigger smile giving a much more youthful appearance and new lease of life in time to celebrate 2015.

If you would like more information on teeth whitening or other dental issues or to book a consultation please call 0121 711 2424. The current teeth whitening offer ends on December 31st. So book your way to a whiter Christmas and New Year!