Things patients in Solihull should know about tooth stains

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Everyone understands that self confidence can be boosted with sparkling white teeth. Our team at Paul Lowe Dentistry in Solihull can turn your dream into a reality this Christmas.

There are lots of reasons why teeth can appear stained and discoloured.

Teeth can appear stained and discoloured on the surface or within the body of the tooth. Let’s have a look at the outside staining first.

There are several causes of outside staining:

  • Large amounts of beverages such as tea, coffee and cola
  • Foods such as curries and soy sauce
  • Smoking
  • A long term build-up of tartar and plaque

To some extent these stains can be removed by a clean and polish by our hygienist. For those stains that can’t be removed, why not treat yourself and take advantage of our special Christmas offer of only £199 for a teeth whitening session.

The team at Paul Lowe Dentistry can help you regain that white sparkle by providing regular clean and polish sessions and with special teeth whitening trays, that will have your teeth looking great in a short space of time.

Stains don’t just appear on the outside of your teeth, some stains are invisible and just like outside staining there are several causes including:

  • Old fillings, especially metal ones
  • Old crowns, again especially ones that contain metal
  • Teeth that have been darkened by eating foods containing the organic chemicals in corn oil
  • Aging
  • Genetics

Tooth Decay needs to be treated by restoration using modern white filling materials and old crowns can be replaced with new, metal free porcelain ones. All the other causes can be addressed by tooth whitening using hydrogen peroxide gels.

If you would like to book a Christmas teeth whitening session or would like advice on how to avoid teeth staining pop into the practice today or call 0121 711 2424.

The current teeth whitening offer ends on December 31st. So book your way to a whiter Christmas and New Year!

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