Dental friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for patients in Solihull

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The New Year has begun and Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us.  With the shops starting to fill their shelves with cards and romantic gifts such as flowers and chocolates, now is the time to start thinking out of that heart shaped box and look at dental friendly products so you and your loved one have glowing white teeth and fresh smelling breath.

Here are some dental friendly Valentine’s gift ideas for your loved one’s teeth:

Bespoke toothbrush

The Blizzident is the new tailored toothbrush custom made to fit your mouth. It automatically cleans all your teeth in just six seconds, all you have to do is bite and grind on the device and it will clean your teeth perfectly.  It will even floss your teeth and clean your tongue at the same time.  If you want a dental friendly gift for your loved one check out Blizzident toothbrushes.

Dark chocolate

If you want to stick to chocolate as a gift for your partner, make sure it’s dark chocolate.

The cocoa bean in chocolate has tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids, which are antioxidants that all benefit your mouth and teeth.  They do this by preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth, neutralizing the organisms that cause bad breath, preventing gum infections, and battling tooth decay.  The antioxidants can also reduce inflammation in the body and work to prevent gum disease.

This does not happen with milk and white chocolate because dark chocolate is the least processed and has the highest cocoa bean content that does all this good.  So the higher the percentage of cocoa bean, the better it is for your teeth.

Tooth brush holder

Your toothbrush is one of the most personal objects you own and there are lots of lovely holders that you can purchase that will go with your home’s decor.  The White Company has a range of stunning toothbrush holders, providing the perfect place to hold your toothbrush and protect any surfaces from drips.

A professional teeth whitening session

What better way to say you love them than with a set of sparkly white teeth?  Paul Lowe Dentistry provides its patients with full mouth, teeth whitening trays using a custom made system.  Your whitening trays should last a long time provided you look after them properly, so you can top up your whitening whenever you feel the need for your smile to be a little brighter.

Are you considering purchasing any of the above?  Let us know what you will be buying your loved one this Valentine’s Day.  Have you ever bought a dental friendly gift before?  Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.