Why a healthy smile is good for your career


A recent study on 2000 UK employees by Bupa found that two thirds (67%) consider a good smile to be an important asset at work.

Career prospects

It’s no secret that an attractive smile suggests confidence and as a result of this other avenues start to open up in our lives, including a new job and promotion.

A quarter (24%) of staff feel that better teeth would give them a better chance of being promoted while over half (54%) of the staff reported that a genuine smile from their boss is one of the best forms of motivation.

In high profile jobs such as on TV or in jobs where we have to give face to face presentations and meet a lot of people, having great teeth is a necessity.  Many celebrities have admitted to investing in cosmetics such as teeth whitening, straightening and other dental procedures to help them keep a youthful looking smile whilst enjoying glittering careers in the limelight. 


Having a nice smile goes a long way in establishing relationships.  A study revealed that one of the most important things that people look for in a partner is a nice smile. 

If our teeth are in poor shape and badly discoloured, many people will be put off by this.  By investing in some professional teeth whitening treatments, you should feel the benefits of being able to smile again and feel more confident in social situations, especially for those of you looking to step on the dating ladder.

For those of us who are currently already in a long term relationship, there are lots of benefits to enjoy as your loved one will be impressed with your efforts as teeth whitening can take years off your actual age.

Living with a poor quality smile doesn’t have to be forever.  If you live in Solihull, Birmingham or the surrounding areas pay us a visit at Paul Lowe Dentistry and we can give you the smile makeover you’ve always dreamt of.

We offer not only a teeth whitening procedure that will make your teeth look much whiter, but so much more.  Call the team on 0121 711 2424 to book your teeth whitening session.

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