How patients in Solihull can achieve a younger celebrity spring smile

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2015 is well underway and as we approach the spring and summer months many of us are looking at ways to improve our appearance from diets, to our clothes and improving our appearance and smiles.

Studies show that a smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you for that very first time. This often shapes the way in which you are seen by your family, friends and business associates.

Many of us are keeping our teeth longer so when they come into contact with foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, red wines and smoking they become more discoloured and stained.  To add to this, chewing can flatten the tips and the biting surfaces of our teeth and our mouths can become over closed so wrinkles form around our mouths.  This effect is sometimes made worse when people clench or grind their teeth in the night.

As we get older our teeth become darker and some of us start to lose our teeth, but thanks to modern dentistry, the team at Paul Lowe Dentistry can help fix this.  We start by assessing any gum problems and the patients biting pattern to see if the patient will need to wear a protective mouth guard at night.

We can help patients in Solihull and the surrounding areas achieve a younger, celebrity, spring smile with our enhanced tooth whitening kits, dental implants, dental veneers, crowns and bridges.  Paul Lowe Dentistry provides its patients with full mouth, teeth whitening trays using a custom made system.  Your whitening trays should last a long time provided you look after them properly, so you can top up your whitening whenever you feel the need for your smile to be a little brighter.

We provide fixed restorations using dental implants that can eliminate the need to wear dentures. We can provide a glamorous “Hollywood Smile” that will put the spring back into your step.

Teeth are in use every single day of our life and like a car needs new tyres, through wear and tear and ultimately replacing for a new model, so any restorations may need replacing after 10 to 15 years or further treatment to the teeth may be needed.

Just like your favourite film stars and celebrities you can treat yourself to a younger, celebrity, spring smile that will help to enhance your career chances and put the self confidence back into your life.

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