Spring clean your smile

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Have you dusted away the cobwebs and opened the windows? Feel you can finally say goodbye to the winter months? No? Well I guess it has been a bit of a drab month so far. But we are assured that blue skies are up ahead and there’s nothing like the promise of spring to encourage a good old clear out or tidy of our homes and lives,

Perhaps you’re hoping for some summer BBQS, children’s parties on the lawn, outdoor concerts or picnics in the park? Whatever the occasion, there has never been a better time to spring clean your smile and here are our tips for the perfect beam.

Begin at home

While most of us know that it’s important to brush at least twice a day, do you know that it’s also recommended to floss first? Flossing between the teeth before brushing with cold water then using toothpaste is the recommended routine for good oral health. Finishing with a mouth wash will freashen your breath and leave your teeth feeling clean and healthy.

Food and drink

Too much sugar can be dangerous for our teeth and while we may agree that eating a tub of sweet shop favourites can be detrimental, it’s also important to remember that natural sugars and acids can also make an impact on our smile. Eating healthy is so important but remember to take extra care following those yummy smoothies and fresh fruit.


Here at Paul Lowe dentistry we believe that Prevention is always better than cure and as such we offer regular checkups with our friendly dentists and hygienists. We can offer advice and tips on how your diet and lifestyle might be affecting your oral health, as well as a range of preventative treatments. Check out the link above for further information or why not give us a call on 0121 711 2424 for advice and support