Bumps and Smiles

Having a baby?

A big congratulations from us here at Paul Lowe dentistry. Pregnancy is an emotional, exciting and unpredictable time and we are here every step of the way. If you’re thinking ahead to children or just want to know how your bump could impact on your smile, read on. We can’t deal with those sleepless nights to come, or offer a cure all for the dreaded morning sickness but here is a run down of what to expect when you’re expecting (regarding your teeth).

It’s natural when you’re having a baby to read up on how your growing bump will impact on your life, from what you should and shouldn’t be eating to swollen feet and ankles, did you know that your teeth also need TLC during pregnancy?

Be prepared

During pregnancy it is advised that x-rays not be carried out unless a necessity, therefore it’s worth checking in with your trusted dentist prior to embarking on your journey. Treatment in the following twelve months can be limited, so why not pay us a visit to talk through preventive options?

Caring for your Gums

Oestrogen and progestogen can cause your gums to soften in pregnancy so it’s more important than ever to ensure you brush and floss regularly, you may want to invest in a new toothbrush to make certain you’re protecting your teeth and gums at this time. Softening of the gums can also mean they bleed more easily and are more susceptible to tooth decay.


You may find your teeth are more sensitive at this time and a build-up of enamel can cause problems, so why not book an appointment with us at Paul Lowe to discuss your options and consider a toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth.

Morning Sickness

Around 75% of expectant mothers can expect pregnancy nausea or vomiting during these nine months and cleaning your teeth can even be a trigger for some. The acids expelled can create havoc with your smile and erode back teeth especially, as well as leaving you concerned over fresh breath. Try brushing at times you feel less nauseous or have a chat with our dentists for further support on this issue: contact us on 0121 711 2424.

Wishing you and your teeth an amazing pregnancy