Nervous patients

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Odontophobia is the official name for fear of the dentist, it is estimated that in the UK, one in four people struggle with this. It seems that for many people, dealing with toothache is preferable to the anxiety surrounding a check-up and, unfortunately, such fear can prevent many from receiving vital dental treatment, thus reinforcing a cycle of negative connotations and avoidance.

For some, a negative past experience can greatly impact on their ability to seek help. Media perceptions and impersonal practitioners further increase anxiety. Having a dentist you trust, and who you feel you can discuss your concerns with, is vital to conquering your fears and ensuring your teeth remain healthy. It’s so important that you feel listened to and not pressured.

Here at Paul Lowe we understand the importance of a personal service.

Many people come to us having previously had a bad experience elsewhere. Others simply have an irrational fear of dentists. At Paul Lowe Dentistry we take a particular interest in helping nervous patients and can offer you an entirely different patient experience. However anxious you may be, rest assured we will help you overcome your fears!

You will be made to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you arrive at our door.

Here are some of the ways we can support you:

We can meet in a non-clinical environment to discuss your options.

For some people the connotations of the dental office are so negative that they would feel far more at ease in a less daunting location. This is something we can offer you and your family. With no obligation to have treatment, you can rest assured that we will listen to your concerns.

We can take on board your past experiences

Discussing specific experiences which have affected your confidence, could help us pin point anything which could trigger your anxiety. Knowing and understanding the cause of your distress can ensure we are able to support you fully on your quest to a brighter smile

We can provide you with information

Knowledge is power, so they say; understanding your treatments or prevention techniques can ensure you feel armed with the right information to move forward. Talking through procedures and explaining their purpose and aim, will leave you feeling empowered. It’s vital you feel in control of your health and that you are able to make informed decisions on your oral health.

We can give you options

In some circumstances we can give you treatment options, enabling you to decide on one which suits you best, we can tailor your treatment to your personal needs and desires.

We understand and care

Even if you dread a visit to the dentist our friendly, expertly-trained staff will strive to dispel any fears and worries once and for all – and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your care received will have reduced the risk of more serious work being needed later. We have the unique expertise to help you!

Our own Dr Helen Chapman is a recognised expert in helping patients with dental phobia and in 1998 received the first “Dentist of the Year” award for her work in this field.

For further information, an informal chat, or to make an appointment, contact us on the following: 0121 711 2424 and begin your journey to a brighter and less anxious smile.