Royal Smile

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With summer on its way and April showers (finally) behind us, there are plenty of reasons to smile in 2015, not least a brand new baby princess for us Britons to fawn over. There’s nothing like a new bundle of joy to get us talking and grinning. But for many, smiles are a cause of embarrassment rather than something to celebrate. How can we help?  You may not feel you have that perfect royal smile, but here, at Paul Lowe we are committed to giving you a beam you can be proud of. Whatever your concerns, we are here to support you.

From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and inlays we have a range of confidence-boosting aesthetic treatments.

Here at Paul Lowe Dentistry, we firmly believe that the benefits of cosmetic dentistry go way beyond the surface. A beautiful smile has a great “feel-good” factor and can boost self-confidence.


From coffee and smoking, to the odd glass of red wine, our lifestyle choices can leave an impression on our teeth, even the most faithful brusher may notice tooth discolouration over time and, while using a whitening toothpaste can assist you to maintain your pearly whites, if you’re looking to dazzle the cameras, you may consider our non-invasive and inexpensive whitening techniques. This procedure can make a dramatic difference to your dental appearance.

Chipped or broken teeth or gaps

Perhaps you’re concerned about the overall appearance of your teeth and want a more even smile. Do you find that you are self conscious  and wish it was a little brighter and more even? You might consider veneers: these ultra-thin, custom-made facings simply bond directly onto your teeth and are the secret behind many a successful smile makeover.

Visible fillings

Traditionally fillings were made from amalgam metals, and while it is vital that cavities in the teeth are treated, maybe you wish yours were a little less obvious in post party pictures? Do you want to be able to laugh without worrying yours will be seen? Invisible fillings are an aesthetic alternative. These blend in with your own teeth and will leave you laughing.

Unsure what can be done to improve the look of your smile? Why not give us a call on 0121 711 2424 to discuss how best we can address your concerns.

Make the most of your teeth and treat them to a royal make-over!