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Causes and signs

Have you recently noticed that your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold? Do you take a sip of a hot drink or a bite of ice cream and find yourself wincing? You may be suffering from sensitive teeth, and you’re not alone, according to our research, as many as one in eight people can struggle with this problem.

Sensitive teeth occur as a result of enamel erosion, this protective film which covers your pearls can wear away leaving your teeth exposed to the food you eat and drink. While you may think it’s down to lack of care, some causes of sensitive teeth may surprise you. Brushing too hard can actually damage your teeth, so be sure to use a brush with soft bristles. And bear in mind that you should buy a new brush, or tip for electric, twice a year. In the previous news we looked at ways to spring clean your smile and this can give you tips on the best way to avoid problems.


Here at Paul Lowe dentistry we believe that Prevention is always better than cure

This includes taking care of your gums. At your gumline, the nerve endings are covered by a substance known as cementum, if this wears away your nerve endings are exposed causing pain. You may find you’re more susceptible to tooth sensitivity if you have gum recession or grind your teeth


Treating sensitive teeth depends on the severity of your circumstance. For some people specialised toothpaste may be enough to ease your discomfort, or you may consider chatting to your dentist about using a mouthwash with added fluoride. If you’re concerned, it’s always best to check in with a dental care professional who can talk you through the steps needed to support you.

How we can help

There is increasing evidence of links between oral health and general well-being and maintaining a healthy mouth may help prevent more systemic problems. Understanding the causes and signs of sensitive teeth, and talking though any concerns you may have, with us here at Paul Lowe, can ensure you’re supported through sensitive teeth issues.

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