Taking Action on Sugar

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Social media has been a buzz this month with talk of processed fruit snacks and the added sugar content in many popular foods and drinks. Parents and professionals alike, have taken to social media to discuss the findings of ‘Action on Sugar’ (AOS) report into the sugar content of popular children’s snacks. While many agreed that everything in moderation and a good dental routine were key to ensuring healthy teeth, others were shocked to discover that a small pack of yogurt coated raisins, for example, could equate to more sugar than a pack of popular sweets.

Diabetes uk tested these findings and discovered that a pack of Haribo sweets contained 7.5 grams of sugar. They then compared this to 17 popular fruit snacks and the results were shocking. So called ‘healthy snacks’ contained more sugar than the sweets. The Author, Charlotte, does go on to point out that ‘this isn’t the same kind of sugar as a bag of Haribo. they’re full of the kind of sugar that you’d get in an apple. But without all the vitamins and nutrients’.

The BBC picked up the story and reported that AOS criticised manufacturers of misleading consumers by adding sugars and labelling such goods as one of your five a day.

The British Association of dental therapists were quick to add their support to the campaign saying that health professionals need to work together to educate retailers, parents and children alike of the negative impact these foods can have on teeth. Tesco have already committed to reducing the added sugar found in there range of soft drinks and it’s hoped that other supermarket chains will follow suit.

AOS is proactive in highlighting the rising amounts of sugar content in cereal and noted that one in five boxes now contained more sugar than three years ago.

A recent article from The Guardian on this matter draw over 300 comments with many people admitting they rarely read food labels. With busy schedules and routines it’s common place for parents to pick up the same boxes each shop and be unaware that the content may have changed.

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