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It seems many of you were hooked on the latest series of Game of Thrones; once again George R.R. Martin and the show’s producers didn’t shy away from some truly gruesome storytelling and controversy, however last week they were not alone in the ‘gross out’ limelight as many of you took to social media to declare your disgust and concerns following the BBC two part documentary of ‘The Truth About Your Teeth’.

Part of a series of programmes on the health of the nation, the Truth About Your Teeth used scientific evidence and professional opinions as well as real life stories to examine how we as a nation neglect our teeth. From energy drink loving Richard to dog-walker Angela and her use of super glue, many tuned in to watch and later, share their thoughts and concerns on various social media forums. Presented by Dr Chris van Tulleken and Jasmine Harman, the show centred on the work of dentist Serpil Djemal in the King’s College Hospital site at Denmark Hill.

It seems that shockingly, 5 million Britons have neglected to visit their dentist for at least ten years and this could be solved if the view of practitioners themselves were to evolve from impersonal medics to friendly, welcoming professionals. Here at Paul Lowe we do not underestimate the importance of being welcoming and understanding. Empathising with your issues will not only help build a positive relationship with our clients but will also ensure you get the treatment that is right for you; you should never be afraid to discuss your worries and it is important your concerns are taken seriously. As social media takes an increasingly important role in every-day life, we would encourage you to contact us on our own sites if you have any queries.



Yes, its true prevention is always better than cure, in-fact Dr Tulleken from the British Dental Association, concluded on the programme: “All you need to do is, using a manual toothbrush, brush your teeth twice for two minutes a day using a fluoride toothpaste.” However, having a friendly face and confidence in your dentist is key to putting the smile back on your face.

You will be made to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you arrive at our door.

Nervous patients… our promise to you

Even if you dread a visit to the dentist our friendly, expertly-trained staff will strive to dispel any fears and worries once and for all – and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your care received will have reduced the risk of more serious work being needed later. We have the unique expertise to help you!

Our own Dr Helen Chapman is a recognised expert in helping patients with dental phobia and in 1998 received the first “Dentist
of the Year” award for her work in this field. Helen will meet with you at the Practice in non-clinical surroundings and address your fears.