Growing smiles: wisdom and truth

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If you’ve been following our latest news you will know that we are on a journey with you and your children, discovering the evolution of a smile. Previously we talked about natal teeth and the signs of teething and, order and maintenance. We have examined the needs for corrective procedures in the teen years and now we are learning the truth about wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are thus named because they typically emerge in late adolescence, rather than during the preteen years. Also known as third molars, these back teeth are no laughing matter for some people. By the time wisdom teeth come through its likely your teeth are already in position, a further four added to the mix can play havoc with your smile. Overcrowding can lead to problems with not only hygiene, but also eating. It is at this point in life that many people begin to empathise with the younger generation of teething toddlers.

If you’re experiencing discomfort it’s important to check in with your dentist. Here at Paul Lowe we offer dental emergency appointments and advice outside our opening hours:

‘It would be nice if dental problems kept to normal working hours but we know this isn’t always the case’!

We have an emergency service for our registered patients. If you have an issue or concern, feel free to call us right away. A recorded message will let you know how you can get the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

As well as supporting you if you’re suffering with the painful effects of wisdom teeth, we also have a number of solutions to help with the overcrowding it can cause.

Hygiene checks: If overcrowding is an issue for you its likely your teeth aren’t able to be as clean as you would like, flossing between teeth can very difficult if they’re close together, and you could benefit from oral hygiene support. Early detection of gum disease indicators, tooth decay and other conditions, along with preventative dentistry is at the heart of all we do.

Cosmetic: everyone wants a sparkling smile, but when you’re ashamed of yours it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Cosmetic treatments might be just the thing to put the smile back on your face. Veneers are the secret behind many a successful smile makeover: these ultra-thin, custom-made facings simply bond directly onto your teeth – a great way to close a gap or transform discolored teeth.

Modern dentistry offers you a much wider range of alternatives to help you achieve your perfect smile at an affordable cost, and often with little invasive treatment. Our highly experienced team know how to make the most of innovative yet proven
techniques to bring you astonishing results.

Why not check out our gallery for before and after cosmetic dental treatment and to see how we can support you.

If you would like to visit us to discuss what cosmetic dental techniques may be suitable for you, please contact us on 0121 711 2424.