Why you should visit the dentist – Part 2

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Following a previous article outlining the recent BBC programme ‘The Truth about your teeth’ we took to social media to discuss why 5 million of you have not visited your dentist in ten years. In Part two of this article (you can read part 1 here) we examine how, as a nation many of you feel embarrassed to visit your dentist. It’s important that we as a dental practice understand your reluctance. Can you relate?

Reluctant smiles

In part one we outlined the experiences of two of our subjects, from fear of mounting costs, to bad experiences, we understand why visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience. Here, Hayley tells us of her concerns.

“Although I’ve taken my husband and all the kids for regular checkups and treatment, I myself am far too scared to even watch them in the chair let alone myself! Plus I’m quite sure I may need the odd one or two out and will most probably get a telling off for not keeping up with check ups!”

Hayley isn’t alone when it comes to fears of being judged by her practitioner, her story is remisant of many patients we see and confirms that intense embarrassment due to poor dental status or perceived neglect, often with fear of negative social evaluation as chief complaint, is extremely common among people suffering with dental phobia (Moore et al, 2004).

As a practice we understand that lecturing and scaremongering are both outdated and can cause a negative cycle of avoidance. Building trusting relationships are key to supporting you and we would like to reassure you that we will have seen many dental issues and will not judge you on the state of your teeth, instead we will work with you to come up with routines and advice to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Never be ashamed of your smile.

Perhaps you may find it helpful to look at some of the previous work we have done. Pictures speak a thousand words and, seeing the positive results we can create might encourage you to step through our doors.

Cutting cosmetic and restorative dentistry skills into practice – we have created life-changing smiles for people from Solihull and beyond.

Please check back for our full photo gallery. The photos on this page will show the typical results which you could expect to achieve from the cosmetic and restorative dental treatments described. Of course, what they are unable to show is the immeasurable difference that these treatments have made to the self-confidence of our patients.

We feel confident that the right support and treatment will put a smile on your face. We feel passionately that dentistry is a caring profession, one where we will view your situation objectify and without blame.

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