Getting to know your Teeth

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We all know what teeth are for and hopefully our articles demonstrate how to prevent serious problems as well as correct existing concerns. But what else do you know about teeth? Any amazing, weird or wonderful facts? Talking about teeth in a fun and exciting way is a great way of introducing children to the important message of oral health. Creating such lines of communication is vital and therefore we have compiled a list of ten facts about your gnashers. Share them with your family, have a laugh and use it as an ideal opportunity to discuss the importance of keeping your pearls shiny:

  • Once a year in China, on the 20th of September, nationals celebrate ’Love Your Teeth Day’. Once a giant statue was erected out of 28,000 teeth.
  • You have 20 baby teeth but around 32 adult ones, that means in your life time you will go through the teething process 52 times. Eek!
  • People who drink at least 3 glasses of fizzy drinks a day are 60% more likely to suffer tooth loss than those who don’t.
  • Before tooth brushes, people used twigs to clean their teeth and gums.
  • Only three quarters of British children brush their teeth twice a day.
  • One in seven have severe signs of tooth decay in the United Kingdom.
  • As teeth are meant to last a lifetime, tooth enamal is the hardest part in the human body.
  • During the Middle Ages, it was said toothache could be cured by kissing a donkey.
  • Dreaming about tooth loss is said to signify wealth. Well if you lost all your teeth in one night, the toothfairy would compensate you accordingly, right?
  • It takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile

We would love for you to share these with your children and let us know their response. Was there any that surprised them? Or you? While such tasks are a bit of fun, they may also open the gates to further discussion. We believe in approaching from a friendly angle, which is why we ensure our patients feel at ease in a friendly environment. We also have a personal promise to all nervous patients and our philosophy is to provide first class care and service. We will always treat you as an individual and put your needs and expectations first. We are all dental patients too and treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves! That includes your children. We are here to talk both you and them through dental hygiene, encourage the implementation of a routine and address any concerns you may have.

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