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With Halloween in the air we couldn’t let the month pass by without a nod to some fangs. From Dracula to Edward Cullen those canines are out in force and what better way to celebrate this spooky time of year than to sit down with a vampire film or two. Passed down the generations, the vampire narrative has been kept alive through poetry, stories, novels and, in the twentieth century, films and television series. We’d love for you to tell us which your film choice is, so why not send us a tweet and share your ultimate peal with us. Here is a rundown of your fangtastic options for fright night.

How do you like your Vampire?

Traditional: Horror Of Dracula

Hammer Horror at its best! The 1958 version of Dracula took advantage of characters and plotlines already in the public sphere during its creation. And, bar an earlier Stoker adaption in the 30s, this traditional movie has all the glamour and gore of a true original horror. With a Rotten Tomatoes ratting of 91% Christopher Lee raises the stakes of traditional fear at the movies.

Watch if: You want a true monster of a tale and some classic entertainment on a spooky night.

Don’t watch if: you have seen ‘Dracula, dead and loving it’ there’s nothing like the now cheesy dialogue and Transylvanian accent to remind you of the send-up version.

Punky: The Lost Boys

Ah The Lost Boys with their 80s hair and generational rebellion. A true cult classic! According to one Rotten Tomatoes critic it is flawed but entirely watchable. With its young ‘hip at the time’ cast it has a rating of 72%. Be prepared for lots of action and a bit of gore, The Lost Boys does have a few hide-behind-your-cushion moments, perfect for some Halloween frights.

Watch if: You can appreciate the context in which this film was made

Don’t watch if: You have a strong dislike of 80s music or you remember when it first hit the screen.

With a soul: Twilight

Twilight, for teenage girls everywhere Edward Cullen is the monster with a heart, not content with being in the shadows, the rules of vampire lore just don’t seem to apply in this love story. With extremely mixed reviews and quite possibly some scholarly articles, this film is perhaps one for the teens. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of just 48%, we leave it to you to make a judgement on this one. You know the story, boy meets girl…. Boy’s hundreds of years old and a vegetarian vampire.

Watch: if you’d prefer something with less gore and a bit of romance

Don’t watch: if you prefer a strong female character, this one will have you yelling at the screen.