The Holidays Are Coming! Here’s How To Avoid Dental Downfall

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The holidays are the perfect time for family and friends to get together, eat great food, drink, and be merry. But our teeth suffer while doing it. Save your teeth and gums this Christmas by remembering these tips:

Don’t forget to drink water

This season might be filled with hot cocoa and mulled wine to keep you toasty but don’t let that distract you from your water intake! Replacing sugary drinks with water helps preserve your pearly whites.

Be mindful of your alcohol intake

Fizzy, carbonated cocktails may be great for celebration but they’ll do nothing but harm to your enamel. Don’t forget about the acidity in white wine and the loving stains from delicious reds, either.

Remember: your teeth are for eating, not opening

Your teeth are for eating, not opening a bottle of beer or unwrapping presents! Avoid chipped teeth by grabbing a bottle opener or pair of scissors.

Eat cheese!

You’re in luck: cheese helps prevent tooth decay by balancing natural acid. So eat up!

Limit sweet desserts

Why are holiday desserts the best ever? Be mindful of your sweets-to-brushing ratio and make sure you stick to your daily oral hygiene routine to prevent tartar, decay, and erosion.

Do your dental research when travelling

If you’re out of town for Christmas, make sure you research reputable dental offices that are available (and OPEN) during your visit. Personal recommendations, Trip Advisor forums, and Google are good places to start your search.

Bring a spare!

If you use dentures or a retainer, be sure to bring a spare! People most often lose these items while on holiday or in transit, so a spare will be handy.