North Pole Breakfast

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Are you having a North Pole breakfast this year?

Borrowed from the States, this annual affair consists of presenting your children with a special festive breakfast on the first of December. Social networks are buzzing with ideas on how to make it an extra special event. For many this includes a sweets buffet of treats. We spoke to mums who practice the tradition and were unsurprised to find many fear the dental repercussions of this feast, not to mention sending their little ones off to school on a sugar high.

Emma Bartlett: ‘I really want to do a NPB for my little girl this year but I’m struggling to think of ideas that don’t include lots of sweets!’

Francesca Wyatt: ‘Eeek so excited for the start of Advent, we are doing a NPB this year, but I’ve decided to make it at lunchtime instead. I found lots of yummy ideas on Pinterest that don’t include sweets or chocolate, the Advent Calendar is enough and I’m pretty sure my boys will get sweets for Xmas from grandparents etc I’m going to try for some healthy options this year’.(sic)

So what can be done? How can you create some magic this festive season but also prevent cavities? Here are some ideas from around the web. Some lovely healthy treats direct from the North Pole.

Fruity shapes:
Add a little bit of colour to your table with some beautiful fruit arrangements. From Christmas trees to candy canes there are some fab options for tempting the tastebuds.

Plain Elf donuts:
Part of the magic of NPB is the story behind its creation, rather than create new dishes, why not stick to your normal eats, but add a Christmas slant. Healthy multigrain hoop cereals can suddenly be transformed into miniature elf donuts

Rice cake snowmen:
With some raisin eyes and current buttons this fun idea could include celery stick arms and a tiny but read carrot nose. While it may not melt at the fireside, we guarantee it wont last long either.

Reindeer poo:
For a savoury treat why not add some beef meatballs, rolled in herbs and with a sprinkling of hazelnuts, it’s scary what these treats could be interpreted as!

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