Twas the week before Christmas – Part 1

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‘Twas the week before Christmas, And I felt, in my mouth
A pain like no other, I screamed aloud “ouch!”
I’d only drank smoothies, I always took care
But I’m pretty sure I felt, sensitivity there

The toothbrush was used, once before bed
But I confess, in the mornings, a hectic life led
I’d somtimes forget, to brush every tooth
And instead I’d think up, some hurried excuse

Well, it seems that now, I was suffering for it
Those times of neglect, there was just one thing for it
Away to the phone, I flew like a flash
Booked in with the dentist, out the door I did dash

With a hand at my mouth, and the pain in my gum
I raced to get treatment, I was feeling so glum
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a welcoming building, and all in good clear

With a smiling receptionist, and nothing to lose
I knew, in that moment, it was the right thing to do
More rapid than eagles, they were glad that I came
Telling me not to worry, then called me in, by my name

Now sit down now open
Now worry not, now let’s take a look
We’ll see what you’ve got
Oh I see the problem, it’s not a big deal
At the roof of your mouth, how does it feel?
We’ll sort the issue, put you at ease
We’ll brush away, burst away, for there’s no disease