Fairytale Smiles

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Christmas is over, we know this because we have seen Easter eggs for sale in the local supermarket. Gone are the decorations and now the cosy fireside once adorned with stockings, just serves to keep our toes warm after traipsing around in the mud and sludge of January. A Fairytale of New York repeating on music stations has been replaced by the latest pop, soul, rap and indie and, it seems the classics are gone for another year. But, despite the January blues kicking in, there’s still time to smile when we look back on the media revelations of the festive period. It seems Shane MacGowan, of The Pogues fame, has got himself a brand new set of gnashes. In his SkyArts documentary: Shane MacGowan: A Wreck Reborn, we saw as he underwent a 6 month treatment dental treatment program to transform his smile. Evidence to all, that while prevention is always the better option, your smile can always be restored thanks to developments in cosmetic dentistry.

Here at Paul Lowe we have treatments guaranteed to get you smiling, While MacGowan needed full implants to achieve his look (and a gold tooth to boot) other celebs has opted for less drastic procedures. Katie Price is famed for her veneer smile, it’s no secret Ronaldo is fond of a whitening treatment of two and, it would appear, (or rather disappear) that Madonna had misplaced her famous front teeth gap with the help of a brace.

From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and inlays we offer confidence-boosting aesthetic treatments.

Here at Paul Lowe Dentistry, we firmly believe that the benefits of cosmetic dentistry
go way beyond the surface. A beautiful smile has a great “feel-good” factor and can
boost self-confidence.

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