Dental D.I.Y Hacks to Avoid

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Home dental work is strongly not advised as it could cause further problems with the teeth and lead to more extensive dental work. However, due to the low cost of home treatments or a fear of the dentist, many people are carrying out their own procedures to try to enhance the health or appearance of their smile. There are many dangers associated with these treatments – what are the risks and how can you avoid them?

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Baking Soda

Baking soda can be found in many teeth whitening products and the use of it in these products has become common practice. But if you are using just a mixture of just baking soda at home with warm water to whiten teeth, did you know that there are severe side effects associated with this method?  It can damage the enamel that protects the teeth which could cause cavities. Furthermore, baking soda does not contain fluoride that strengthens teeth and prevent dental problems.

Homemade Orthodontics

If you are watching Youtube ‘tutorials’ you will understand how easy and accessible it is, to find step-by-step guides on anything you wish. But did you know that there are highly risky videos on how to create homemade braces?  The common process shown in these videos is by using what is known as ‘gap bands’. But what is not communicated in these videos is the serious repercussions, such as tooth discolouration, gum infections and even tooth loss!

Dental Kits

When you are in need of an emergency filling to sustain you until your dentist appointment – a dental kit can be a very handy temporary measure. Though bear in mind it should only be used as just that, a short term fix. Many people are using these kits as a permanent measure to ‘fix’ their teeth. This is strongly not advised, as it could lead to tooth extraction, gum infections and abscesses in the jaw, which could require surgery!

Teeth Whitening Kits

A home whitening kits is a very appealing choice to many, for the low cost and convenience. But carrying out the procedure at home, rather than using a professional dentist, could cause you some very uncomfortable and dangerous problems. Many kits have been found to contain hazardous levels of bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Dentists warn that using these kits can cause stomach problems, toothache, gum-shrinking, mouth infections and nerve damage.

Now that you are aware of these homemade treatments, you can avoid the risks for a safer smile!