Around the World – 18 Interesting Stories about Teeth

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Adults have 32 teeth on average. But as it turns out, the human tooth is actually far from average and surrounded in weird and wild facts. Here we give you some interesting stories about teeth from around the world.


woman smiling with beautiful white teeth on a blue background


  1. In Asian countries it is trendy to wear fake braces, as the ‘geeky’ look is considered cool.
  2. There is a man called Michael Zuk who owns one of John Lennon’s teeth. He wants to use the DNA from it to clone the musical superstar.
  3. Ashik Gavai a boy from India was experiencing severe pain and swelling in his left jaw. It turned out he had 232 teeth in his mouth which had to be removed.
  4. A man, who was having regular nose bleeds, was found to have a tooth growing inside of his nose.
  5. An operation known as MOOKP is performed on blind people to restore their vision. The complex procedure involves inserting a tooth into the eye with a lens.
  6. Teeth tattoos are a growing trend, with many people in America, opting to have designs imprinted on their new crowns before having them placed in their mouth.
  7. Scientists have found that we may evolve so that we no longer sprout wisdom teeth.
  8. Actors go to such great lengths that some have been known to alter their teeth dramatically for their role.
  9. In Norway, scientists are compiling a ‘milk teeth’ bank for scientific purposes.
  10. The People’s Republic of China has set aside 20th September as a national holiday for ‘Love your Teeth Day’.
  11. Selling jewellery made from teeth is popular online.
  12. A beer company called Salter, created a promotional beer opener tooth implant, for hockey players who had lost their teeth.
  13. There is a ‘Festival of the Sacred Tooth’ in Sri Lanka where the people honour a Buddha’s tooth.
  14. A boy in China grew vampire shaped teeth; the cost to remove them was equivalent to £15,000.
  15. A man from Sheffield suffered from years of headaches to find he had a tooth growing in his ear.
  16. In 2010 a baby boy was born with 28 full grown teeth.
  17. A fish in South America was recently found with a whole set of human shaped teeth.
  18. Dutch dental researchers are currently creating a 3D printer to replicate teeth.