Reasons to Smile….

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It is scientifically proven that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin – two chemicals that cause the feeling to euphoria to run right through the body. Isn’t it better to see someone smile back at you than frown? It just makes a situation better!


There are soooo many reasons that you should smile:

Attractiveness: In a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 96% of participants said that a good smile makes you more attractive.

Job Prospects: A good smile can help you to land to a new job as those with a good smile are generally perceived to be more trustworthy and loyal. It is also a quality that is looked for when applying for positions of leadership.

Smiling helps you to de-stress: Even if you are not happy studies show that smiling can help you to feel good as they trigger the release of endorphins.

Strengthen your immune system: Smiling builds up your immune system by causing your body to produce more white blood cells, the ones that fight infection. A study that monitored the white blood cell count of hospitalised children that were visited by puppet-teers and storytellers and made to smile and laugh showed the count to be significantly higher than those that were not visited.

Increase productivity: Smiling can make you more productive because if you are happy you are more likely to do better work. Lots of companies are picking up on this by introducing things such as games consoles into the office to use in between working.

Natural Painkilling: Smiling produces endorphins which kill pain so instead of opening that paracetamol packet try cracking a smile!

Increase attention: Stress makes our brains foggy. It is hard to focus on one thing when adrenaline is coursing through your system. Remove the stress with smiles and you will function at 100%, able to concentrate like never before.

Look younger: Smiling stretches the muscles of the face (approximately 20 in fact). Studies have shown that smiling often can make others believe you are younger than your age!

Live longer: Yes its true! The combined numerous health effects can be extremely powerful. One study found that smiling could increase your life expectancy by up to 7 years.


Of course, many people are conscious about smiling because they’re not happy with their dental health and aesthetic appearance of their teeth. Paul Lowe can help. We have a range of treatments that could benefit you (teeth whitening, scale and polish, cosmetic). If you are or conscious about your teeth and it stopping, you from smiling as much as you should book an appointment to see us today.