Helpful Tips for Brace-Wearers

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Just had a brace fitted? Top tips for your braces journey…

  • Don’t fret if you feel some mild itching In and around your teeth – this is normal, but if you feel any pain that continues for more than a few days, contact your orthodontist.
  • It may feel you have bigger gaps between your teeth which is a result of them moving into new positions aligning into new positions – this is completely normal and a part of braces treatment.
  • Contact your orthodontist quickly if the brackets of your braces become damaged, even if your braces still feel like they are in place.
  • Sometimes your brace may rub – the solution is to cover the parts of your mouth that rub with a special wax, which can be purchased at your orthodontics practice.
  • If there is any damage, however minor, to your brace, do not delay in getting this repaired – failing to repair your brace straight away add days of even weeks to your treatment.


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  • You will need to make a few changes to your diet such as avoiding sugary foods and foods that can easily get stuck in your brace like toffee, caramel and nuts as these make it hard to clean it.
  • Throughout your treatment, you should continue to attend regular check-ups so your orthodontist can track the progress you are making.
  • You may experience the wires in your brace twist and even rub your cheeks. The wax (mentioned above) will only provide temporary relief for this, so you will need to visit your orthodontist if this happens.
  • Braces put a lot of freedom and responsibility into the patient’s hands. After having your brace fitted, your orthodontist will equip your with instructions and an arsenal of advice on how to look after your teeth and your brace during treatment. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly. If you can, spend a bit of additional time brushing as your brace makes it harder to reach the corners of your mouth that are not easily brushable.

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