The best foods for your teeth

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Certain foods trigger the creation of saliva in the mouth – these foods are usually pretty good for your oral health. Although some of the foods on our list contain natural sugars, they can still bring great benefits to your oral health and beyond.


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Cheese – this is widely known to be a teeth-friendly food. Eating cheese raises the ph level in your mouth, which in turn lowers the risk of tooth decay. The chewing required to break down cheese promotes the production of saliva in the mouth which helps to wash away bacteria and food particles that otherwise settle in the mouth. In addition, the calcium, nutrients and protein in cheese help to keep your tooth enamel strong and hardwaring.

As with cheese, yoghurt has a similar effect on teeth and also contains probiotics (otherwise known as beneficial bacteria) which has positive effects on your gums as the healthy bacteria helps get rid of the unhealthy bacteria that can cause cavities. Try to stick to natural yoghurt containing minimal amounts of sugar.

Leafy greens – In a similar way to dairy products, leafy greens encourage your mouth to create saliva to wash away bacteria. Packed with minerals and vitamins, leafy greens are low in calories and in sugar and pose virtually no harm to your oral health. They’re high in calcium and vitamin B which both bring your body benefits that extend beyond you teeth, such as helping to grow healthy bones and keeping anaemia and gum disease in pregnant woman at bay

Almonds – Another all-round superfood, almonds are good for your teeth and body alike. As with the other foods on our list, almonds are full of calcium (and protein), great for enamel and bones.

Apples – Apples may be fairly high in natural sugars which can pose a problem if you fail to brush thoroughly. Apples are high in water and fibre and their fibrous consistency means they stimulate the gums. Eating an apple at the end of a meal can help rid your mouth from the bacteria in some of the other foods you eat – essentially acting as a toothbrush until you get the chance to brush properly with fluoride toothpaste.



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