The Tooth Fairy

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Let’s talk about the Tooth Fairy!

At around the age of 6 your little ones may experience their first wobbly tooth. Like any big milestone in their life it can be daunting and exciting at the same time. When it comes to the Tooth Fairy each family may have different experiences and traditions in their households but everyone we spoke to agreed that creating the magic was a thrilling experience for the family. Not only do they enjoy seeing those gorgeous gappy grins, it also provides plenty of opportunities to talk to children about how important it is to take care of their smile.

So just who is the tooth fairy?

Most parents agree that she is indeed a fairy but some say that theirs is an elf; in fact this elf also returned at Christmas to give a friendly warning about too many yuletide sweets (although this may not continue due to issues with the National Elf Service). We particularly like this slant as, not only does it help to keep the magic alive, it also gives an opportunity to throw in a few facts to encourage good oral hygiene. This elf also brought the children of the household a new toothbrush every Christmas Eve!

What does the tooth fairy want?

It seems the condition of the teeth did have an effect on generosity of the tooth fairy. £1 per tooth is the general consensus, however, some tooth fairies admitted running out of change and resorting to an IOU. Smaller amounts are sometimes given if the tooth ‘could have been cleaner’ although they will often leave a note requesting an improvement next time.

Of course, it’s so important that parents open the lines of communication between themselves and their children. The tooth fairy can be a good starting point when discussing why it’s important that we keep our teeth and gums healthy. One parent we spoke to explained how, knowing that the tooth fairy used healthy teeth to build castles in fairyland, really helped to ensure their son’s  smile shined.

Here are some of the funny things we have heard…

‘Our tooth fairy leaves money (£1 here) in a little pillow and also writes a note, except when she gets stuck in fairy traffic and doesn’t quite make it in time. I haven’t yet worked out a satisfactory explanation for why I have baby teeth in a little box in my room either….’

‘The girls put the teeth in an envelope they have drawn on or decorated’

‘I must say, our tooth fairy is forgetful. Once I found the pound stashed under the bed after breakfast with a note saying she had too many teeth to carry that night and would return to collect our daughters the following one!’

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