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Dental friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for patients in Solihull

The New Year has begun and Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us.  With the shops starting to fill their shelves with cards and romantic gifts such as flowers and chocolates, now
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Why it is important for your children to visit the dentist

For many parents, a visit to the dentist is one of the last things they plan when it comes to busy schedules and daily tasks. A UK survey into oral care, carried
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5 cost effective dental problem solutions

Taking care of your teeth can be pretty difficult when it comes to your pocket.  Dentists are not cheap and neither are their treatments.  The thing about treatments, however, is that you
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5 New Year dental tips for patients in Solihull

2015 has arrived and many of us have new aspirations such as getting fit and healthy or losing weight and embarking on new challenges. Here are 5 New Year tips that can
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