Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics at Paul Lowe Dentistry

We are delighted to welcome Dr Kalpesh Prajapat to our Practice team.  Kalpesh will be offering Facial Aesthetics treatments and Invisalign (teeth straightening without braces).

What is Facial Aesthetics?

Facial Aesthetics is a predictable, safe and cost-effective alternative to surgical facial cosmetic treatment. These injectable treatments help to reverse the signs of ageing and restore a natural-looking appearance safely. By using wrinkle-relaxing therapy or dermal fillers, harsh facial expression lines can be softened or even removed, whilst facial contour and volume can be restored.  

Why see an experienced Aesthetic Dentist for treatment?

Although unregulated, Facial Aesthetic treatments are safest carried out with trained medical professionals. Dentists are perfectly placed due to their experience of head and neck anatomy, expertise with facial balance and harmony and manual dexterity with daily injection administration. 

At Paul Lowe, we provide safe, effective and affordable aesthetic solutions to all your cosmetic needs.

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What is BOTOX®

Botox® is, in fact, a trade name for a type of wrinkle relaxation injection. The main active agent is called botulinum toxin A. There are many brands which produce anti-wrinkle injectable containing this agent, including Allazure, Dysport and Botox.

Why have I got wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused due to many factors working together including loss of the skin’s elasticity, sun exposure, smoking and frequent facial expressions. Repetitive muscle movements from smiling and frowning can cause these wrinkles to develop.

How soon can I see the results?

Typically, it takes 7-10 days for the full effects to be seen and these effects can last 3 -4 months. With time and regular maintenance, the amount of product required reduces. 

Is this right for me?

This popular procedure has short treatment times, minimal discomfort and you can continue with daily activity afterward.

Botulinum toxin treatments are not advised for patients who are:

  1. Pregnant or nursing mothers or those under 21 years
  2. Diagnosed with myasthenia gravis or neuromuscular disorder
  3. On aminogylcosides antibiotics or anticoagulant blood thinner

What are dermal fillers?

These non-surgical cosmetic injectables are used to restore volume loss due to the process of ageing, helping to provide a youthful and natural looking appearance without the drawbacks of surgery. 

How do they work?

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid that is carefully injected beneath the skin’s surface. This gel-like substance adds natural looking definition and restores volume loss due to the process of ageing. 

What areas can be treated with dermal fillers?

With age and other factors such as sun exposure, smoking and poor diet the skin’s natural elasticity is lost. Due to this, folds, wrinkles and lines develop. Typical treatment areas include deep lines on forehead and glabella, nasio-labial folds and marionette lines. Fillers can reduce and eliminate these lines, wrinkles and folds with the effect being seen immediately following treatment. 

Fillers can also add definition, volume and contour to areas such as the lips, cheeks, jaw line, nose, chin and under eye region.

How long can I expect these results?

Duration of the results can vary depending on the movement of the skin in the region treated, ranging from 9-18 months.

Shorter duration can be seen with areas with more frequent movement such as the lips.

Is it right for me?

Dermal fillers are a suitable treatment for patients wanting subtle, age-appropriate, improvement in facial contour and volume restoration.

Treatment is not suited for:

  1. Pregnant or nursing mothers
  2. Skin with active disease or inflammation 
  3. Those with allergies to hyaluronic acid


Fee guide

Anti-wrinkle therapy – Prices from:

  • One area £180
  • Two areas £255
  • Three areas £300

Dermal filler non-surgical injectables – Prices from:

  • Lip definition £220
  • Lip volume £295
  • Line reduction £250
  • (Cheek, Chin, Jaw) enhancement £350
  • (Nose) Non-surgical rhinoplasty £375
Ask us about our plans through to help budget for your treatment – there are no credit checks needed and they are interest free
  • Up to £300 – Just pay half on the day then spread the balance over 3 months interest free with no fees
  • Over £300 – Just pay half on the day then spread the balance over 6 months interest free with no fees

All appointments feature 2-week review, photos, ice-pack and post-treatment care guide.