Dental Crowns & Bridges

Protecting and strengthening damaged teeth and closing gaps

Dental Crowns play an important part in restorative dentistry – helping to fill gaps and provide protection for teeth which have been broken or weakened decay and extensive filling. In many cases crowning a damaged tooth can prevent it from needing to be removed.

Sometimes your dentist will also recommend a crown to protect a back tooth which has had a root filling.

Whatever the reason for fitting a crown you can be sure that we will take particular care to match your tooth colouring and ensure a secure, seamless fit.

When there’s a gap to be filled

Crowns are frequently used to help to hold a Bridge or denture firmly in place. A Bridge is usually used where there are a small number of teeth to be replaced and there are sufficient natural teeth to support them. Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed firmly in place so you never need take them out.

Bridges usually have a precious metal base although there are currently exciting developments with all-ceramic, metal-free alternatives.