Decay Detection

Spotting tooth decay early so there’s no need for complicated or expensive treatment

At one time people would only visit a dentist when they had toothache. We think this is an unpleasant experience you should never have to encounter!

Tooth decay does not necessarily cause discomfort since teeth can start to deteriorate long before the painful stage is reached. Our dentists use magnification and powerful lighting to help detect decay at the earliest stages – so you avoid excessive tooth damage as well as the threat of toothache.

When cavities are small they are much easier and less expensive to treat. We will take care of them for you effectively and painlessly. We make your comfort our utmost priority throughout any treatment you may need.

Making use of X-rays for early detection

Early tooth decay may not show many physical signs clinically. We will use x-rays to check for hidden damage. Furthermore, our x-ray equipment is digital, ensuring the lowest radiation dose.