Fresh Breath

Preventing and treating the common problem of bad breath

Bad breath can be an especially embarrassing and confidence-sapping problem – but rest assured that it is certainly not insurmountable.

Bad breath is a very common issue with a number of different causes. Sometimes these are as straightforward as the food we eat or the effect of smoking. Certain illnesses may also be responsible.

When bad breath is persistent the bacteria coating your teeth and gums are often the culprits. Food debris caught between the teeth can also sometimes cause an unpleasant smell. Meticulous and regular brushing is very important to keep your breath fresh – and, of course, a visit to our hygienist can work wonders. We will offer you sound advice as well as professional cleaning to combat the problem head on.

Beat the bacteria – and avoid decay as well as bad breath

The bacteria on our teeth and gums (plaque) also cause gum disease and dental decay. Making sure you have regular checks will not only help prevent bad breath but also make sure your dentist can identify and treat these problems.